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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Apartment!

So tonight Ali and i put the polka dots on our walls and I'm so excited about it! I definitely wanted to share the pictures! I didn't get a chance to clean my room between going to the doctor, homework, making dinner, and decorating, so i'll take some pics and post them later in the week! Ps, if you like the polka dots, we ordered them on, just search for polka dot wall decals! =) heres the rest of the pics:

our cute flower! =)

the bathroom

the oven

paper plate holders on the bar

our cute aprons!

our Gleeked-out fridge!

Ali and I are going to watch Enchanted in our wonderful polka dot living room! Have a good evening! =)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My grandmas birthday was on wednesday so i came home this weekend to celebrate! I am super excited because i get to make a cake! =D yesterday, Ashley came over and helped cut out the fondant daisies.. we dyed 3 balls of fondant blue, pink, and purple, and then dyed some icing green for the stems! =) so heres some pics!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

its been quite a while

Its been sooo long since i've updated so i decided to do one now and i'll try to keep it short! I moved back to reinhardt and we're now Reinhardt University which is very exciting! Its always a little rough starting out but i think i'm all back into the swing of things now!
Aliecia and I lost two of our roomies from last year Katie and Brooke, and on move in day we expected to meet our new roommate, but she never showed up! So we have a 4 person apartment all to ourselves! and i must say, its pretty nice! We love cooking and we've made a couple of meals that were camera worthy so here's a few pics!

our home made pizza! Ali rolled out the dough with a soup can because we didn't have a rolling pin and we were too cheap to buy one! haha but it turned out to be one of the most delicious pizzas i've ever eaten!

Our tacos =) they were super delicious! ali made a taco salad with hers but i had some good ole soft tacos!

Aside from cooking, we had a very exciting night tonight because it was the season 2 premiere of VAMPIRE DIARIES! eeeeep! if you haven't watched this show, you seriously need to! seriously. it. is. so.good.! i got into it this summer when i got my wisdom teeth taken out, and after finishing the entire season in 3 days, it is now one of my favorite shows on tv! (dexter, glee, and of course hannah montana are all on my top list!) anywho, the season premiere of VD definitely did not disapoint, so watch it! its thursdays at 8! =) you can also watch season 1 on!