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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Apartment!

So tonight Ali and i put the polka dots on our walls and I'm so excited about it! I definitely wanted to share the pictures! I didn't get a chance to clean my room between going to the doctor, homework, making dinner, and decorating, so i'll take some pics and post them later in the week! Ps, if you like the polka dots, we ordered them on, just search for polka dot wall decals! =) heres the rest of the pics:

our cute flower! =)

the bathroom

the oven

paper plate holders on the bar

our cute aprons!

our Gleeked-out fridge!

Ali and I are going to watch Enchanted in our wonderful polka dot living room! Have a good evening! =)


Leslie said...

your living room is adorable! and i LOOOOVE your gleeked out fridge!

Leslie said...

you can start the challenge anyday! you should do it!! :)

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