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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

birthday, baby girl, and bad posture!

Well, i know its been forever since i have updated the blog! I really have just been far too busy with school this semester! But its finally over so I'll have time during the holidays! After the new year Ashley and I are going to begin marking through out 2011 Bucket List! So i'll do my best to update regularly and post pictures of our adventure!

This semester I finally got to observe in the classroom! I went to elementary, middle, and high school and elementary was by far my favorite! So my NEW plan is to teach elementary music class along with a 4th and 5th grade choir! =)

I just finished up my semester and had to do my semesterly vocal juries where I sing for all the voice teachers at RU and I get a grade on my progress basically! I got A's all around, but the general comment was "beautiful sound, terrible posture!" SOOO today is DAY ONE of my improve my posture goal! I guess its my early new year's resolution!

Anywho! For the more interesting stuff I turned 21 in november! Some friends and I went out for drinks at Applebee's and just came back and had a fun girls night! here's some pics!

Not too long ago we had my sisters BABY SHOWER! it was so much work because we made all the food ourselves (minus the cake) and made most of the decorations ourselves! it was so much fun though! my roommates katie and ali came up from school and ash had the day off of work too! =) heres some pics of our hard work! I cannot wait for my new niece, BrookeLynn Ann! =))


Leslie said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday!! congrats on your all A's.. i completely understand the posture thing because I get yelled at ALL the time for it.
and i love the baby shower! ya'll did so great with the decorations! Brookelynn Ann is a beautiful name! Can't wait til she gets here!

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