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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Next Stop: Memory Lane

One of my favorite things to do is take trips down memory lane. Its just amazing to see how much has changed since you last took the trip. You get to remember both the good AND the bad. The journey to memory lane can be so intriguing because sometimes it can answer your questions and sometimes it just poses more. There is just so much wisdom in the past! The other day I was going through old pictures.. WHAT a blast! Its so fun to see all the pictures you forgot about, reminding you of all the fun times you were having. i went through high school dances, birthdays, pictures of wes and I, my best friend and I being completely insane, and reliving my nephew grow from a tiny baby to the smartest 3 year old i've EVER seen! ;)
Tonight though, I was thinking about how I used to write ALL the time! I would post things on myspace notes whenever I got ideas in my head that I liked to ponder on. I remembered that before I deleted my myspace, I printed out my notes.. and I found them tonight in a box in the back of my closet! This one in particular really caught me because its something I wish I could remind myself of all the time. So here it goes.

New Years Resolution 2007:
"So Cassie and I were discussing the new year and how time goes by so quickly the older you get. Sometimes I get so caught up in how I think my life should be and I waste time I could just be enjoying it as it is. I think this is the case for a lot of people. The reason society is the way that it is: materialistic and self-centered. Because people are so caught up in being an actor in their own life, they don't stop to realize what is best for them; They let society be their director. Happiness is achieved when we've obtained the latest fashions, technology, or trendy items, but even the most perfect of appearance are blemished when you get close enough to see them clearly. Our lives can never be as perfectly polished as we'd like, and that's the beauty of it. I've found that if you change your outlook on yourself, you will find a happiness that no one can take. So that's my new year's resolution: to just be happy with what I have here and now in 2007."

Anyway, it just amazes me that the words I wrote at 17 are still teaching me lessons today at 21! =) So I challenge you to take your own trip down memory lane and see what you discover!


Megan said...

Wow, what wisdom at 17!! This is SO true! We are constantly thinking about what we should do, where we should be, and what is wrong with our lives...we just need to enjoy where we are!!

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