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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let it Snow!

Last night I was looking at Leslie's blog and i was looking at her adorable Christmas ornaments when I was inspired to find a Christmas craft of my own! So naturally I went straight to the craft queen herself, Martha Stewart! If you havent been to her website, you need to! Anywho, I came across paper snowflakes and thought wow, that would be so easy! WRONG!

I felt like such a dork because I sat in the living room while my dad was watching Conan cursing Martha for her "terrible snowflake instructions" after several embarrassing attempts, I gave up and went to bed VOWING that in the morning, I'd figure it out for sure!

Well this morning, I woke up and I mastered the ancient art of the paper snowflake. And I am very proud of myself for mastering SUCH a difficult, time consuming craft. ;) anywho, here were my favorite ones!


Leslie said...

those turned out nicely!
you need to check out the one's ally did with tissue paper rosettes.. she said they were easy and they look so cute!

and those dresses in my post yesterday are from the limited and nordstrom.. but if you click on the name under each picture i put the links so it should take you to the pages :)

hope you had a great thursday!

Megan said...

They turned out SO good!! Good for you for not giving up! I love being crafty, it makes me feel so good. If only I did it more, haha!

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