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Thursday, December 30, 2010


When is the last time yall played with this stuff? For me, it had been forever but my little nephew Jason LOVES it so this morning when I got up, he wanted to play with it! First he asked me to make a snake..

then he wanted me to make him a man! So heres my attempt at a play-doh man!

so i asked what he wanted next and he says "CHOO CHOO!!" and i said I ACCEPT that challenge! and here it is.. best darn play-doh choo choo i've ever seen! ;)

And finally for an update on my niece.. it will be next week before she gets to come home but my sister can come home TODAY! =) Brookelynn is doing better but she still needs some time in the NICU! thank you for your prayers! keep praying!


Megan said...

So happy to hear that your niece is doing better!! I think your play-doh train is just perfect! That stuff is hard to sculpt with!

PS: you need to change your account to where your email address is there after you comment. That way, when you comment on a blog, I can email you back!! : )

Leslie said...

Glad to hear she's doing better!! But she's still in my prayers!! The play-doh pics are incredible! I need your camera!

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