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Monday, July 26, 2010

confusion, cakes, and cupcakes!

SO i was feeling pretty proud of myself for figuring out the template and background change! Then i wanted to change my font so it would look super cute like Lesle's ( but, i'm stuck! I can't figure it out! =( so for now i'll have boring plain font!
Yesterday at church i showed Leslie a picture of my ladybug cake and i told her i'd post it! along with some other desserts! so here are some recent desserts i've made!

My Roommate Aliecia and I made this lady bug cake for our other roommate Katie! She LOVES lady bugs so much we call her Katiebug! =) The icing is just regular icing we died with wilton gel food coloring and the decorations are fondant also died with wilton food coloring.

This is the cake I made for my sister on her birthday last year! the icing again, is regular store bought lemon icing, died with "sky blue" wilton gel food coloring! And the daisies are a wilton fondant cut out! All supplies were bought at Micheal's =)

These are the cupcakes I made this easter! i piped the green icing to look like grass, used "robin eggs" candy for the eggs, peeps for the chickies, and the egg is an air head i cut with a regular knife!


Leslie said...

i'm sorry!! that font thing does get confusing.. you have to switch all of those files around and do the webs account.. it makes me go a little crazy.

one day when you have nothing to do you'll just have to sit down and try to work on it.. and if you still get stuck let me know and i can try to help! :)

p.s. looooove the easter cupcakes!

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