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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Super Savvy Saturday

Thursday I did a little shopping, and I found some really good deals! I'm going to start observing in the classroom this year for my next education class (which i'm REALLY excited about) but i have one problem.
I do NOT look like i'm about to be 21! So i headed out to the mall in hopes of finding some sophisticated clothes to help mature my look a little bit! I hadn't really planned to go to The Limited, but I walked by and saw that cardigans were 30% off! and i LOVE cardigans! So I went in, and turns out, the two cardigans on the top were 30% off AND students get an extra 15% off with your student ID! How great is that!Next I headed to Forever21 and found this adorable black and cream skirt for only $9! I was stoked! The black tank top I got across the street at target for only $8 and the dressy denim capris for only $20! I did need some accessories though, so before I left the mall, i went to forever21 and found those adorable bow hair pins for 1.50, and the earring sets were about $5 a peice! all in all, it was a great shopping day and now i'm super excited to go back to school and start observing at a high school! =)


Leslie said...

those are so cute!!! now i wanna go school shopping!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Cute blog, and what great finds!! I love the black and white combo, very chic, and will defnitely help you look older! Forever 21 really has some hidden treasures!!

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