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Monday, February 7, 2011

My Auntie Loves Me

This weekend

when I was home with my sister, she surprised me by buying BrookeLynn this adorable outfit!! I’ve been wanting to her to have an auntie outfit so bad! isn’t it precious?

baileys birthday 011

sleepy time!

baileys birthday 044

aren’t they so cute together??

baileys birthday 020

the whole shebang:

baileys birthday 045

I also went shopping on my way back to school..I wanted an outfit for valentines day! AND I also have an etiquette dinner to attend on friday! so it was a totally legit purchase! ;)

I got this skirt at H&M =))

baileys birthday 047

This sweater at F21!

baileys birthday 049

and these shoes at Off Broadway!

baileys birthday 052

I was going through pics and I found this pic of my room that I meant to blog and never did! haha so heres my apt room! it kinda matches the outfit I bought huh?

baileys birthday 057

I decided for valentines day I want to send my sis a package! I’m gonna fill it with sweet tarts (her fav), lotion, onsie for BrookeLynn and something for Jason, my nephew! I haven’t decided what for him yet! I’m really excited!

Ever since the valentines exchange I’ve been really into mailing! its just so fun to get things in the mail and hear from someone who got your package! So I’m gonna send a card to my parents and Ash too!

I think everyone should do something special for a friend or family member this v-day! it doesn’t have to be a strictly romantic holiday! =)

Stay Beautiful,,



Michelle said...

Aww seriously she is soooo precious and adorable! Love her onesie! Love your Valentine's outfit too!

Leslie said...

That little outfit is adorable! I love getting packages in the mail too! It's so fun! Are you participating in the Pink Swap?

Ramblin' Blonde said...

I love mailing packages to friends!!! The holidays (big and small) are more fun that way!

Megan said...

Love that auntie outfit! So adorable!!

I love getting stuff in the mail, too! Great idea to mail some things to family for the holiday!

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