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Friday, February 4, 2011



Pep Talk: Last night, I had a dream that I was giving a speech. I was telling everyone that, if they started planting roses right now, they would have a beautiful garden before they knew it. I urged the crowd to start immediately; not to wait until they felt bored or lonely, not to wait until the time and conditions were perfect. Start now, I said, and the next time you take stock of your accomplishments, you’ll be amazed.
Pretty good dream, huh? It’s true too. You are capable of anything you can imagine and, if you start taking positive action right this second (studying, doing sit ups, reaching out to old friends) positive results will follow shortly.

Today remind yourself: Start.

-Daily Pep Talks


Thursday after class, I looked out the window.. and It was SNOWING! So I went outside and took some pics!

(that’s the president’s house..not mine ;) )

baileys birthday 005

this would be my lovely apartment complex ;)

baileys birthday 012

My roomie/work out buddy! we are SO dedicated to working out 3 times a week we walked to the gym IN the snow storm! =)

and EVEN when our instructor said she had to leave so se wouldn’t get stuck.. we went to the gym and worked out ourselves!

baileys birthday 029-1

these are a bunch of random weekend pics!

baileys birthday 034


baileys birthday 038

Jiffy Pop! I forgot how absolutely amazing this stuff is! yum!

baileys birthday 053

Ash and I went shopping for outfits for her birthday. No luck except these amazing little finds…….;)

pink acid wash jeans…

baileys birthday 054

puke green patchwork mini skirt haha!

baileys birthday 055

Bailey’s bday cake.. I was a little mad at myself because I thought I remembered what the picture of the cake I WANTED to make her looked like..

..and in my mind, this cake had blue frosting with white polka dots..

in reality, the cake had white icing with blue polka dots! Dang! SO we improvised! I loved the color though!

baileys birthday 058

the cake.. not the most amazing cake I’ve ever made, but.. its cute I guess

baileys birthday 068

My sister the birthday girl.. can you believe she just had a baby less than 2 months ago?!? ughh hate her! ;)

baileys birthday 066

me and my daddy

baileys birthday 077-1

TGI Fridays

baileys birthday 088

baileys birthday 089

I feel like such an alcoholic posting these pics! I swear I’m not a crazy partier alcoholic girl haha but I just really liked this pic! =))

baileys birthday 082-1

anyway, that’s been my weekend so far! tomorrow I’m gonna hang out with my boyfriend and sunday I’ve got a whole mess of studying to do! boo!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

stay beautiful ,



Meri said...

Pretty pretty pretty cake! I love the shopping pics too, fun!

Megan said...

That cake is adorable!!! Seriously!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Leslie said...

You need to open a bakery! Your cakes always look so good!

Jordan said...

I think that cake's adorable! And I don't think anyone thinks you're an alcoholic! ;-)

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