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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dollar Theater, Mothers Day, and randomness!

Because going to the movies is


expensive these days, Ashley and I go to the dollar theater a lot!

this place is… a dump! seriously..

but its only TWO DOLLARS to see a movie so you can’t really complain!

Here’s some pics!


we saw Beastly and I saw a movie poster for

I am SOO excited for this movie cuz the book was AWESOME!

We also found a Ballet to go to! Its in 2 weeks and it’s the Little Mermaid! How awesome is that? I can’t wait! Another item to mark off of our Bucket list! =D

And thursday I get to go to Marietta for a voice lesson then visit my old roomie Katie! I really wanna see

has anyone seen it? is it good?

Yesterday was Mothers Day.. I got up with my nephew at 8:00 so my mom and sis could sleep in and we made banana pudding together! It was YUMMY! the WHOLE thing got eaten in ONE day! crazy!

mothers day 021

Me and my Mommy

mothers day 024

Me and Wesley

mothers day 031-2

My sis and I

mothers day 039

Us Girls!

mothers day 042

My dad is still in Alabama because of the storm damage! 2 more weeks and he’ll be home! Please pray for his safety!!



Preppy Twin said...

cute dress! :]

Leah said...

What a fun weekend! I agree- movie prices are outrageous- I always try to go to matinées or the dollar theater to get a better deal! What'd you think of Beastly? I am wanting to see that..and I also want to read/see the Help and I cannot wait to see Something Borrowed- it's a must on my to-do list! haha. Glad you had a good Mother's Day- the pictures are so pretty!

Suze said...

what an exciting weekend, how was the help movie?! Little mermaid as a ballet sounds lovely cant wait to hear about that! have fun visiting with your roomie and voice lesson! i'll pray your dad makes it home safely from alabama! that was so sweet of you and your nephew to make the banana pudding! cute pictures!!!

Michelle said...

Love your dress! So cute! I loved SoBo! Such a great movie! You definitely need to see it! :)

knee_cole21 said...

that's not the face you make when you wear those sunglasses!!!

Megan said...

You are SO cute! Y'alls food looks delicious! Praying for your dad!!

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