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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blizzard of the Month


i don’t have anything super exciting to blog about.. so heres a little this and that.

ashley and I went on our second blizzard trip of the year! =) i’m really liking this bucket list! ;)

I got the blizzard of the month.. Nutty Banana


and Ash got Mint Oreo!



..the mint oreo was awesome! it tasted like a thin mint! and we even had a nifty coupon.. buy one medium blizzard, get any size free! =D


tomorrow I finally go back to school.. which I’m actually really glad about! I went for 3 days last week and then missed an entire week! I feel like I’ve been out of school forever and I’m ready to go back! I’m a little worried about my schedule this semester.. It’s not the best one I’ve had but i can handle it….i think! =)


Music History II 9:00-9:50 (and friday)

Fundamentals of Speech 10:00-10:50 (and friday)

Form and Analysis 11:00-11:50

Advanced Conducting 1:00-2:15

Jazz Chorale 3:00-4:00

Voice Lesson- 4:00=5:00


Secondary Choral Methods 11:00-11:50

Choir 12:30-1:45

Piano Lesson 1:45-2:15

Woodwind Methods 2:30-3:30


incase you were wondering.. that’s 10 classes and 18 hours. =P BUT i’ll be done next spring so I’m just keeping that in mind!


I also bought some super cute things today LIV’S valentine exchange today! i am SUPER excited! I’ll find out who my partner is tomorrow! =D i would post pics but.. obviously that would ruin the surprise! ;)


and finally.. i found some really cute shoes i want today.. so i thought i’d share because.. who doesn’t love shoes?? can you tell i like this style? haha. I think i’m gonna reward myself with a pair soon.. just because =)






i hope everyone’s week starts off with a bang!



Megan said...

Ooooooh, love the sparkly ones! I totally need those!!

That mint oreo blizzard sounds DELISH!!

A 100 Days of Change said...

18 hours!! You can do it! What is Advanced Conducting going to be like? Also, thank you for always leaving inspriational comments! Even though we may not know each other in real life I really appreicate it!!

Jordan said...

That oreo blizzard looks delicious! My favorite is the chocolate extreme.

Good luck back at school, looks like you're going to be very busy!

LOVE those shoes, especially the zebra print! :-)

Michelle said...

love the blue sparkly shoes!! ... I'm also loving your bucket list and that you have on there to try every blizzard at DQ! They both look yummyyy!!! :)

Mallory said...

I need to try that mint oreo blizzard! I looooove thin mints!

Leslie said...

uhm.. those blizzards are making me crave one BAAAAD. I haven't had one in AGES. and I love all those shoes!
good luck going back tomorrow!

Meri said...

nutty banana sounds yummy! How was it?

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