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Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake!

Yesterday Ashley and I were absolutely sick of sitting at home so we set out for the mall! We figured we could find our scrapbooks and i still have a Barnes and Noble gift card I’ve been needing to use!  we ran in walmart on the way and happened to run into these awesome scrapbook kits! it came with a scrapbook, 24 pieces of paper, cut outs, and stickers! so we got them!

january 2011 080

january 2011 076

january 2011 075

by the mall theres also this awesome scrapbook store called archive! so we went in and i bought a couple sheets of paper!

january 2011 093

january 2011 087

january 2011 084

next we ventured to the mall and had to resist some really awesome sales! i’m tellin you, it was HARD! 75% off at Victoria’s Secret fragrance store, 60% off at yankee candle, and an extra 30% off Old Navy’s clearance!  We stayed away and just went for Barnes and Noble! I went to get a book i’ve been wanting and it was 18.00! i’m sorry, but even with a gift card i just couldnt spend the whole thing on ONE book! i could by 6 or 7 books on amazon with 18.00! haha SOO all I walked out with was a $3 bookmark.. but its really cute! Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake!

keep calm cupcake

on the way home my dad called and said since they roads were better we could finally go get my computer! i LOVE it and now i have this nifty program.. windows live writer.. it links up to my blog and i can write blog posts with it! its so much easier! =DD

and here are some random pictures from the week!

january 2011 050

january 2011 034 january 2011 035

january 2011 042 


thats all i’ve got for now! i’m gonna go see my Wesley! Have a wonderful friday!!'



cRk said...

That bookmark it too cute! Have fun scrapbooking!!

A 100 Days of Change said...

I know how you feel about the costly books! There is this book called wreck the journal, and it is a book that you pretty much end up destorying lol, but for a while i had to convince myself it was worth the price! also, that baby is so cute! i love sleeping babies

Megan said...

YUMMMMM, smores!!! I need one, now! I might have to go check out that Yankee candle sale! They are my favorites!

Jessica said...

Love the book mark! I am going to have to find one! just found your blog and love it! Crazy about the costs of books! I went to look at a cookbook recently and it was almost thirty dollars. Crazy stuff! Have fun scrapbooking!

Mrs. Dontje said...

very cute bookmark!!

knack said...

love the book mark, and cupcakes make everything better:)

barnes and noble is such a great place for inspiration! There is a book there that I want but it is 55.00! I'm waiting for the 40% coupon to come in the mail and then I'll use my extra 10% on top of that! Books are so addicting!

have a great day!


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