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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

when it pours!

out of all the days of my life.. yesterday was not one of the best!

Sunday night i was up late browsing for new books on barnes and noble since i finished The Help by Katherine Sockett and it was sooooo good! as i was browsing all of the sudden my computer beeps and goes black. i thought huh.. thats weird.. it couldn't have died because its plugged in. so i take the battery out and put it back in.. it wont turn on.. i plug it in a different outlet.. still nothing. now im freaking out. i had JUST taken all the pics off of my memory card and put them on my computer!

so the next day my dad calls his computer friend who says it sounds like a bad motherboard WHICH costs more to replace than to buy a new computer BUT he can get all my files off my computer.. thank.goodness. so we drive the computer to hartwell to discover yes.. my computer is a goner. rip computer. i almost shed a tear! what in the world was i gonna do when i had to go back to school the NEXT day??

just to add insult to injury, lately my phone has been acting funny.. not sending messages, sending messages full of numbers, locking up..etc. so i called verizon for a replacement. well what do you know.. on the way home from hartwell my phone turns off and WONT TURN BACK ON! i was irate. seriously fuming. i cant go to school with NO computer and NO phone! is this a joke???

LUCKILY today really looked up! wes came to my rescue and is letting me borrow his netbook while we look for a new laptop and some miracle was performed last night because my new phone arrived in the mail THIS MORNING! and i called yesterday! i couldn't believe it! thank you verizon! =)

on top of this.. i got to see my niece brookelynn before I left and she is in the LAST stages of NICU and should be home by the end of this week! afterwards my sister and I went to RedLobster! I hate seafood but RL has THE BEST chicken alfredo! and those biscuits are to die for. yum-o.

i ALSO found a reallllyyy amazing pair of skinny jeans at Forever 21. They were only 9.50.... 9.50! and they fit like a glove. you should seriously go get some. they're...pretty cool!

last but not least.. its back to school tomorrow! im gonna try really hard to keep up blogging every other day or every 2 days! i am just so busy! with 9 classes, practicing, and homework it doesnt leave me much time! but im excited to have almost 20 followers! haha yay! so i want to keep it up so i have more!

anyway. im sorry for this very wordy and picture lacking post! i just had to get all that out! =) good luck to everyone who starts classes this week!


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about your computer! They can be the worst inconvenience!

Leslie said...

ahh! that's TERRIBLE!! I can only imagine how ill you must be! At least you got a new phone though :)

Jordan said...

You sound so busy! Good Luck with everything you have on your plate this semester. Ilove getting skinny's at Forever 21. I have a black pair and I wear them all the time!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a really rough day! I don't think I could live without my cell phone!!

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