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Friday, January 28, 2011



was a day unlike any


Ashley came over today! =)

We were trying to figure out what to do today, and ideas were flying everywhere: bake cupcakes, eat at jasons deli, go see burlesque at the dollar theater, get blizzards, go to UPS, DIY projects, go shopping…


pump the breaks!

we got a little overwhelmed. we had decided to be more exciting, but, this was a little overkill!

so because I am a little OCD about making list, we decided to make one for what we would accomplish today.

(please note task #1 and #9)

movie and PL cupcakes 049

because our food was so freakin delicious, we forgot to take pics at Jason’s deli! but don’t worry, we’ll go back soon!

We arrived at the theater… overwhelmed by the amount of people that wanted to see a movie! there were a total of FIVE cars in the parking lot!

movie and PL cupcakes 004movie and PL cupcakes 007-1

and again.. with the seating.. that was a whole nother issue….

movie and PL cupcakes 008

the only place to sit was ON TOP of the seats!

movie and PL cupcakes 010

afterwards, we were… pretty excited to take a picture and, well,

are there words to describe this picture?

if you were thinking magnificent, outstanding, or maybe you were just stunned by the awesomeness radiating from this picture..

its okay.. we understand.

movie and PL cupcakes 011

we went to walmart to check off task number six! we got distracted right away with the nail polish.. good thing we got a buggy ;)

movie and PL cupcakes 012

how fantastic is this polish???

it was only one dollar. one. dollar.

movie and PL cupcakes 042

then we made our pink lemonade cupcakes.

which I’m kinda sad to announce turned out.. just okay!

BUT we’re going to perfect the recipe and they will be awesome!

movie and PL cupcakes 021

movie and PL cupcakes 040


well I hope everyone had as fantastic of a friday as I did! =)



Leslie said...

pink lemonade cupcakes sound divine.. but that's a shame they were only mediocre! Y'all definitely had a busy day!

Meri said...

Fun Friday! I need a good day like this, haven't had one since my vacation last week!

BelleinBows said...

What a fun day! Looks like so much fun!

Megan said...

Those cupcakes look and sound delicious!! Keep perfecting and then post the recipe!! I love that y'all put "make a list" on y'alls list! So cute!

Michelle said...

I love your list!!! Looks like it was a fun day! Love your pics!!

Leslie said...

Looks like a fun time and those cupcakes look delicious!

Rachel said...

I love #1 on your list! It feels good to cross stuff off, so that is the perfect list item! :)

Anonymous said...

oh la la i just came across your blog and I'm going to become an elementary teacher too! :) Glad to see theres more of us in the world :)

Michaela said...

Fun! I love lists too!

Miss K said...

LOVED the play by play, so much fun!

Jessica said...

LOL I love lists!!

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Have a great Wednesday!! :0)

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