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Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Year

Hey yall.. I had a really fun NYE.. maybe a little too good ;) haha friday afternoon ashley and I went to publix and picked out our champagne.. it was soo good by the way! and ate lunch at our favorite restaurant... ZAXBY'S! mmm! then she had to go to work.. BOO so i sat around untill 10:00 when she got off... i took some pics while waiting.. haha they're pretttyyy amazing..

then i got to ashleys were we were completely sober by the way.. but didn't quite act it ;) before we left for wes's house.. we even had a rave in her kitchen with glo sticks and Ke$ha.. yes.. she was there!

anywho about 11:23 we headed to wes's house for the big countdown.. while there we played dance revolution on the xbox kinect it was really cool.. and i destroyed the solja boy dance =) i may have drank a little to much champ but my good friend ashley stayed sober to drive me home.. where we had some delicious margaritas made by her bro!

i was.... pretty tired.

that was her brothers shot by the way i didn't drink it.. but i thought it was pretty! =)

anywho.. today ashley and I decided to begin our bucket list by going to DQ for blizzards (we're going to try every one on the menu) so tonight I got turtle pecan cluster and she got double fudge cookie dough! =)

nom nom.

and when we got home we found my kitty asleep in my bookshelf! it was... pretty cute!

Last but not least Leslie over at Life in it's Ordinary Form is doing a giveaway! Some awesome OPI nailpolish! and who doesn't love nail polish! go follow her awesome blog and enter her giveaway!

and in closing.. if you havent seen the SNL skit "the miley cyrus show" you need to go watch it.. its... pretty cool. watch it HERE! idk if yall like miley but i really loved her until her recent shenanigans so i thought this was.. pretty funny.


Megan said...

Kitty sleeping = precious.

I must immediately try the double fudge chocolate chip blizzard.

I want to win Leslie's giveaway!

That wraps it up! : )

Leslie said...

Yay for getting started on the bucket list!! Me and Ally still need to start our blizzard one.. everytime we go to DQ we end up getting the reg (cookie jar) instead of branching out but those flavors ya'll got sound delish!

Looks like you had a wonderful new years!! and thanks for entering my giveaway! I think it's a great one :) I wish I could keep it for myself haha! But i have you down for 4 entries!! good Luck!
Have a great week!

"The Best Days of My Life" said...

Seems like you had a fantastic New Years:)

Rachel said...

OMG Zaxbys is one of my faves too! It looks like you had a great New Years!!

Megan said...

In reply to your comment on my post, I totally agree that it is sad! I was just emailing another blogger talking about how it makes me think of that tv show Intervention? Ever seen it? It makes me cry every single think that drugs can take over your whole life. And usually, at one time, they were a functioning, normal person.

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