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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i know its a little late, but i’m linking up with Jamie again this week!

I am LOVING that my beautiful niece is home with us now! I miss her though and wish I could be closer to her! I’ll see her in 2 weeks though! yay!

brookelynn comes home 011

I am loving that i went to yoga today! i forgot how much I love yoga! today we worked on posture! so i’m double loving it because it helps my new years resolution! =) maybe one day i’ll be able to do this… ha

I am loving that I found out this week that I’m officially graduating next spring!! I’ll have 1 more semester of classes than 1 semester to student teach and I couldn’t be more excited! Even though I had to add ANOTHER class so that I could graduate! (it’s up to 11 now if you lost count.. I sure did..)

I am loving that I’m going to kickboxing tomorrow for the very first time! yay! I can’t wait! hi-yah!

I am loving that tonight I had a relaxing night with my roomies laughing at American Idol and now I’m watching Toddlers and Tiaras.. this show CRACKS me up!

and i’m loving that i got to see my boyfriend yesterday and i took some pics of him against his will! hahaha

brookelynn comes home 017

brookelynn comes home 014

well thats all! i had lots of loves today! Happy Wednesday everyone!



Rachel said...

You and your boyfriend are so cute together! I also love watching t&t's because of how RIDICULOUS some of the people can be, haha

Michelle said...

I love kickboxing!! You'll definitely enjoy it too, it's fun! ;)

Leslie said...

Have fun kickboxing!! Yay for graduating next spring.. that blows my mind!!! AND.. did you hear a little girl from Winder is going to be on toddlers & tiaras?

Meri said...

I love kickboxing- its' so fun and makes you feel strong. Have fun!

ShanonRenee said...

Your niece is adorable! I am glad we are partners for the valentines day swap also! I will be getting your present this weekend :)

Megan said...

Yay for graduating next spring! That's awesome!! I love the pictures of the boyfriend! Is this his first time on the blog?? I don't think I've seen him before?

Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

haha i love toddlers and tiaras too! my favorite is watching the girls who are new to pageants react to how crazy the other girls are!

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